Meet The Team

Platinum Recruiting operates as a full-spectrum recruiting firm among the markets at which it serves. To efficiently function in providing all levels required of a full-spectrum firm, Platinum Recruiting is proud to acknowledge a strong base of leadership as a vital contributor in sustaining operational methodology, inviting new and increasing client relations aboard, maintaining compliance and standards, and exceeding the expectations of the client base while mentoring an ever demanding workforce. Integrity sets the theme on a daily basis among Platinum Recruiting management and has proven essential in achieving the goal of providing remarkable employees. The bar is set very high for management at Platinum Recruiting. It is with great pleasure that we introduce the owner and upper-level management of Platinum Recruiting in the paragraphs below.

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Meet the Owner


Hollis Peguese/Chief Executive Officer

Hollis Peguese is a native of Detroit, Michigan. Hollis migrated south in 2001 to pursue his scholastic career at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. Almost instantly Hollis found his new community to be friendly, caring, positive, and easy going. It didn’t take long for Hollis to realize that this community would not only become his new home, but also a platform to make his mark in the world. Hollis had always dreamed of launching his own company. He wanted his venture to be one of “feel-good” nature. Because the new community had welcomed him so rapidly with genuine open arms, it didn’t take Hollis long to decide that he wanted to give back to the community that he had come to love. Platinum Recruiting was born in 2012 focused on providing remarkable talent to local employers within his new southern home. Hollis has led a team of dedicated recruiters and managers to grow across the Southeast United States since then. Platinum Recruiting is rapidly growing still today under Mr. Peguese’s guidance.

Meet the Management


S. Blake Giles, Director of Sales

Blake Giles serves as Director of Sales at Platinum Recruiting. Blake began his tenure with Platinum Recruiting as Interim Branch Manager in Cleveland, Tennessee. Blake’s background hosts a healthy experience level in sales and marketing. When Blake was first introduced to the Staffing & Contract Labor Industry, he took immediate interest in what challenges and rewards were available to an up and coming professional. Since 2014, Blake has served as Director of Sales. His leadership has enabled an increased focus on the overall customer experience accompanied with a driving sales force in today’s competitive marketplace. Blake can be contacted at the following number and e-mail address: (423) 478.6483


Brenda Maldonado Hart, Business Development Manager / ESL Program Director

Brenda Hart serves as Business Development Manager and ESL Program Director at Platinum Recruiting. Brenda began her career with Platinum Recruiting as a recruiter in Cleveland, Tennessee in 2013. Since then she has grown into the ultimate example of a dedicated recruiter and manager across the markets Platinum Recruiting serves. As Business Development Manager, Brenda is responsible for maintaining a system of checks and balances between sales and recruitment operations balancing the two to provide both the ultimate customer experience as well as premier training technique to the internal recruitment staff. This balance promotes the commitment Platinum Recruiting has with its account base to drive account-specific demands. As ESL Program Director, Brenda leads a bilingual staff across the markets Platinum Recruiting serves providing superior communication resources to both customers and job seekers alike. Brenda can be contacted at the following number and e-mail address: (423) 310.1499


Jeremi Hernandez, Recruitment Operations Manager

Jeremi Hernandez serves as Recruitment Operations Manager at Platinum Recruiting. He began his career with Platinum Recruiting as a recruiter in Kimball, Tennessee. Since then, Jeremi has demonstrated exceptional leadership and order fulfillment placing him on the upper management team. As Recruitment Operations Manager, Jeremi is responsible for rigorous order fulfillment and technical logistics across the full-spectrum service Platinum Recruiting successfully provides the markets at which it serves. Jeremi can be contacted at the following number and e-mail address: (423) 301.1940


Valerie Hill, Compliance and Payroll Applications Manager

Valerie Hill serves as Compliance and Payroll Application Manager at Platinum Recruiting. She began her career with Platinum Recruiting as a payroll clerk in Cleveland, Tennessee. Since day one with Platinum Recruiting, Valerie has exhibited ever increasing knowledge and administration of the diverse policies and procedures that center around employment and Human Resources. Valerie is responsible for all payroll procedure and legal compliance involved in providing full-spectrum services to the markets at which Platinum Recruiting serves. Valerie can be contacted at the following number and e-mail address: (423) 464.4361